Hi, I'm Ariel.

What began as a curious fascination with film soon flourished into a serious photography business based out of Utah. My name is Ariel, & I specialize in fine art film photography. 

I've been playing with film since 2006. I love high art, whether that be an old sheet of music or an old pack of film. I enjoy browsing antique shops, reading Brönte novels, & freshly picked peonies.

My passion lies in bridal photography. I love curating a bride's look to the very last detail. Shooting 100% film requires time and patience, & styling shoots with dress companies and other small businesses helps me be in control of every moment, and also helps elevates brands to the luxury realm. I love being able to really showcase a gown in all its beauty through my vintage lenses. 


I shoot film because I believe in the integrity of film photography and want to continue such a beautiful, historic art form. I want to teach others why this medium is crucial to the longevity & dignity of high art in today's culture. 

Creating Song of Songs Photography has been an absolute joy & an endeavor close to my heart. I have studied this book of the Bible, & memorized its verses; for years I dreamt of finding a way to share the love that saturates every page of this intimate book.

With my craft, I aim to do just that-express beauty and love with everyone I capture behind my lens.

Welcome to my vision of this beautiful life.

​It's so nice to meet you.​

Medium format film photographer Utah Song of Songs Photography
My favorite camera to shoot with is this Mamiya 645. It's lightweight, ergonomically excellent, & has film cartridges that come out easily for quick reloading.
Rabbit with medium format film cameras
I have 4 adorable bunnies who help me pack up my gear each time I go out for a shoot!
film scans of breckenridge wedding shot on film
I develop my own black and white film, & make beautiful, handmade darkroom prints for my middle & top-tier packages.



“Ariel is super talented! we have used her on several different occasions, the latest being our wedding, and we always love the finished product. highly recommend this sweet lady!”