How beautiful you are, my friend, how beautiful you are!
Your eyes are doves behind your veil...
like a scarlet strand, your lips, and your mouth—lovely! 
Like pomegranate halves, your cheeks behind your veil.
​-Songs 4:1,3

Bridal editorials are by far my favorite type of session to shoot. I love curating every moment, & using my background in ballet and other dance forms to create movement, life, & true beauty in every shot. It's a thrill to find vintage bridal details & use it as a starting off point for creating a whole look--a whole moment. I love the effort it requires & the skill it involves. Working with other creatives who have the same mindset as me is fun. I love meeting new models, new florists, & one day, many new dress designers and boutique owners. My dream is to collaborate full time with dress designers and bridal brands who are looking for dramatic, authentic, dreamy portraits showcasing their gowns & bridal accessories. If you're in the bridal accessory realm, let's collab & make beautiful art!